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How to Use Push Notifications Effectively to Drive Conversions

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push notificationsHave you ever been on a website and had a little notification pop-up in the upper left hand corner asking you if you’d like to receive push notifications? These notifications allow the website you’re viewing to send you notifications through your browser, even when you aren’t on the website any longer. It’s a great feature, if you can get people to agree to it. That’s the battle, is getting people to sign-up for your browser notifications.

The most effective way to get website visitors to sign-up for your browser notifications is to post engaging, relevant content that makes them want to remember you. People won’t want to hear from you if you don’t offer them something that interests them. It is imperative that you offer quality content in the form of text, PDF downloads, new products and services, etc.

I believe browser notifications are under utilized and it’s mainly because many business owners don’t know anything about them. Browser notifications are a great way to engage with website visitors who may have forgotten you existed. Once they sign up for your browser notifications, you have the ability to push any type of message to them that you’d like. That’s great power folks!

So now, let’s look at how to use push notifications effectively to drive conversions on your website.

1. Push notifications let you stay top of mind for potential customers

Push notifications help you stay top of mind for your website visitors. Every time you have new content, product, service or just announcement, you can push a notification to your “list” of followers on their browser and they will be able to click on that notification and see more about your message.

2. Send highly targeted personalized push notifications

You have the ability send messages to a targeted group of individuals. This gives you a chance to engage with your followers on a deeper level. Most services allow you to segment out your followers based on various criteria. By segmenting out your followers, you can then tailor your message to just one subset of users.

3. Send push notifications at the right time

I suggest you use a tool called OneSignal. OneSignal allows you to send push notifications as just the right time. Based on their algorithm, they can identify the perfect time when your followers are online and able to receive your push notification. This takes the weight off of you to push the “go” button at just the right time. It’s such a nice feature and comes with their free plan, as well.

4. Always measure performance

As with everything it is important that you measure the performance of your push notifications. Pay close attention to those notifications that get many clicks. This is obviously the type of content your followers want to consume. In that same spirit, stay away from content that doesn’t get a lot of click. Stay focused on what your followers will consume, click on and click through. This means, not only do you want to narrow in on the clicks, but also once they click the link, are they continuing their session through the site or are they only stopping on that one piece of content? Click around is good. You don’t want to contribute to a high bounce rate.

Push notifications are an easy, free way for you to stay engaged with your website visitors. I would suggest adding push notifications to any website that has a blog or other continuously updated content.  Using OneSignal, you can also push notifications when you have a new blog post, that’s a great way to ensure consumption of that type of content! Want more information like this? Check out all my articles or follow me on YouTube!

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