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5 Tips to Better Product Photos

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better product photosYour product photos are what makes the difference between lots of sales and no sales at all. This post will discuss 5 ways you can produce better product photos for your online store and social media profiles. You can have the best written descriptions but still get no sales on a project because you have a crappy photo. Quality product photos are the key to increased sales. Let’s look at 5 tips to better product photos.

1. You need a good camera to take better product photos

You don’t need a thousand dollar camera to take beautiful photos of your products. Let me repeat that. You DO NOT need a thousand dollar camera to take beautiful photos of your products, but you do need a good camera. What’s awesome is that in most cases you can use your cell phone camera, if you have an iPhone X or newer or an Android 8 or newer or a Google Pixel. All of these phones have cameras that take really good pictures. The camera is only 25% of of the battle. You can use a two thousand dollar camera and lens and the picture still come out crappy. Why? Because there’s more to a great photo than the camera.

2. You need good lighting to take better product photos

Lighting is everything. If you can get the lighting right, you’ve come 50% if the way! There are two types of lighting: natural and artificial. Your product, the purpose of the photo and the platform where you’ll be publishing the photo will all determine which type of lighting you should be using. Natural light is best used when photographing food, people, and clothing. Natural looking subjects, like these, look best when used on social media platforms or websites.

Otherwise, if you’re photographing products primarily used indoors or that have small details such as art, artificial product photography lighting is preferable. I would suggest purchasing a small photography studio that comes with great lighting. I recommend the ESDDI Photo Light Studio Light Box. I use this light box when taking photographs of non-edible items like kitchenware.

3. Pay attention to your angles

Visualize your photo as nine equal segments. This will help you create a well-balanced composition in each piece. It’s also useful to determine where to place the focus of your piece – your product. Your goal is to have your product positioned along the lines, optimally at the point where two lines intersect. This is called the law of thirds. By doing this you can take photos from just the right angle.

4. Get a tripod

You need something that will steady your hand in order to get that perfect shot. I would suggest the Fugetek selfie stick. It’s not just a selfie-stick it’s also a tripod for your phone. It can take shots both portrait and landscape. I use it for all of my videos and photos. It comes with a bluetooth remote to help you take a photo when you are not near the phone. It’s a perfect companion to any entrepreneur’s photo taking process.

5. Don’t be afraid to edit your photos

It’s important to know you can and should edit your photos. There are so many great tools out there to edit your photos on your phone. The one app I use the most is Photoshop Express. It’s a free app that allows you to use the amazing technology of photoshop to color correct, adjust contrast and saturation, and so much more.

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