You've Been...

questioning if there is more you can do in your business to spread your message. You want to see if there is an easier way to run your business and sell your products / services. There is a way you can expand your reach, strengthen your influence, and increase your sales. 

Implementing a digital strategy in your business is the number one way to streamline your company and make better use of your time. There are so many ways you can use digital in your business.

During your VIP Day we will develop a customized digital strategy for your business to help you meet your goals and manage the tedious tasks of your business. Helping you get back to working in your zone of genius.

VIP Day Benefits

Expertise from my 20+ year career in the digital industry.

A clear, actionable strategy around your business.

Six focused hours to work solely on your business.

A custom tailored plan created just for your business.

Continued support through email, after your VIP day.

The satisfaction of knowing you're on the right track.

What is a VIP Day

A VIP Day is a day is a day where you get together with an expert in a particular field and work with them throughout the day to develop some sort of deliverable. VIP Days often include coaching as well. 

Some VIP Days are a few hours, while others are 6 – 8 hours long. VIP Days can be virtual or in-person, it simply depends on the VIP Day Facilitator. The draw of VIP Days, is that you get the undivided attention of the service provider, as you are the only one involved with the VIP Day. You are the VIP for the day.


Our VIP Day is chalked full of great information and ends with the culmination of a digital strategy report for your business. So what sets our VIP Day apart from others?

  • You will be able to pull from my 20+ years of experience in the digital industry.
  • We teach our clients how to sustain the momentum we create through your digital strategy plan.
  • All of the work we’ll do will be objective based, so we won’t be innovating for the sake of innovation, we’re going to be strategic.
  • You’re not just left alone after the VIP ends. We offer you 30 days of email support to ensure you stay on the right track.
  • You will also be given access to our client-only mobile app and private podcast, so you can continue to learn how to use digital to run and grow your business.



Your in-person VIP Day will include a 2-night stay at a beautiful local Raleigh hotel surrounded by great shopping and restaurants.


Your in-person VIP Day will include car service from the airport to the hotel, to our meeting and then back to the hotel and airport.


Your in-person VIP Day will include a light breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the day of your session.

VIP Day Agenda

Develop OKRs

We will begin the day by developing Objectives and Key Results which will guide our work throughout the day.

Review Current State

Next, we will review where your business is digitally, right now. You can't set a destination without a starting point.

Build Personas

After reviewing your current state, we'll build out your digital personas. Who engages with you online?

Outline User Journey Maps

Next, we'll map out the journey your potential customers travel to purchase from you. Are there any hiccups?

Imagine Future State

We'll imagine what the future state of your digital presence looks like -- what's missing, what needs to change?

Identify Opportunities

Based on all of our previous work, we'll identify future opportunities to market, sell, and manage your company digitally.

Set a 90-Day Action Plan

Last, but not least, we'll set a 90-day action plan, outlining the next steps in the process.

What's Included

6-Hour Coaching

Written Digital Strategy Plan

45-Minute pre-intensive call + Onboarding packet

30-minute post-intensive call

30-days of direct email support

Access to our Private Client ONly Podcast

Our VIP Days are for...

Our VIP Days are for any entrepreneur who is interested in developing and implementing a detailed digital strategy focused on expanding reach and increasing sales/leads. The best candidates for a VIP Day are those who are…


Are you the type of person who is not easily dispelled? 

ready for growth

Are you ready to expand, increase, and grow your business?

in search of more

Have you been on the hunt for more ways of getting your message to the masses?

By the end of your vip day you will have...


Gained confidence in your digital strategy and how it will support your company.

digital strategy

Built a fully-functioning, well-thought out digital strategy to guide you.

increase sales/leads

A better understanding of how your digital strategy can increase sales/leads.


Selected guiding principles to guide all future digital related decisions.


Gained a better understanding of what a digital strategy is and how it can help you.

game plan

A game plan for how to continue the momentum we started during your VIP Day.

Frequently asked questions

VIP Days are usually 6 hours long. We’ll begin the session at 9AM EST and we’ll finish around 3PM EST. We will have a 1-hour working lunch around noon. Take a look at the topics covered each session.

The investment for the a virtual VIP Day is $10,000 and an in-person VIP Day is $20,000. The total amount is due upon registration, as we do not have a payment plan.

Due to the nature of this service, we do not offer refunds. However, we can reschedule your VIP Day if we are notified of the change within 24 hours of your originally scheduled VIP Day.

Simply complete the form at the bottom of this page. After completing the form, you’ll be transferred directly over to my calendar to setup a free consultation with me. This 30-minute consultation helps me better understand your needs and determine if you would be a good candidate for the VIP Day. After approval, you will receive a link via email where you can pay the VIP Day fee and select a date that is convenient for you.

We offer both in-person and virtual VIP Days. 

Do You Have More Questions About Our VIP Day?

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