September 21, 2022 at 1:00PM EST

Your Website is Scaring Customers Away


About This Webinar

It’s a proven fact that your customers and potential customers are judging you on your website. How aesthetically pleasing is it? How easy to use is it? How organized is your content? How relatable is your thought leadership? All these questions are rattling in the subconcious of your customers

Do you think your website could be scaring off potential customers? It’s time you take an honest look your entire web presence and ask yourself, if you were the consumer, would you buy from you?

In this webinar we will discuss…

Why is a website so important to businesses?

So many companies treat their website as just another task to check off, but it's much more important than that.

Common mistakes people make on their website

Your website can influence customers to make a purchase or not. These are some of the common issues I find with websites.

Examples of companies who got it right

Let's look at some examples of companies who understand the importance of their websites and invest in them.

How to conduct a website audit on your website

The best thing about the issues we discussed is that everything is figureoutable, let's look at some solutions.

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Let's chat about some reasons why your website may be scaring away your customers -- and how you can fix these issues through a thorough website audit. 

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