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A community of women thought leaders changing the world and moving their businesses forward


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We’ve created a community to help you build a scalable, sustainable, thriving business — one you can grow and that’s so well managed it essentially runs itself.

If we had a host of experts and secrets that showed you how to turn a profit and allowed you to bypass the stress and complexity of creating a sustainable, scalable business AND skip straight to more leads and higher revenue, would you want access?

Definitely, right?

What is the accelerator club

I’ve seen so many business owners who assumed they could find success on their own. Never building a community around them to help support their needs. Just out there winging it, hoping and praying something goes right. Not having anyone to brainstorm with or ask questions of…just alone. Does this sound like you?

This was absolutely us last year. We were struggling to grow our small business consulting company and it just wasn’t happening for us. We felt like we were running up hill against the wind. One day after a particularly challenging day it came to us. You can’t grow your business in a vacuum. We needed help.

So what did we do? We went into research mode, looking all around for the help we needed. After several weeks of searching, we found an amazing course and community that supported us as we began to revamp and pivot our business. 

Fast forward to today…we have a successful business we couldn’t be more proud of. So what made the difference? Two things, the “how” and the “community”.

We created The Accelerator Club to be that “how” and “community” for you. The Accelerator Club was developed as a learning lab. Inside you will gain insights into how to manage and run your business. You’ll access topics around online marketing, social media, digital analytics, digital strategy, customer service, and so much more.

In addition to information, you’ll have access to an amazing community of women thought leaders who will support your efforts, offer invaluable advice, and rally around you as you win at this game called business.

Think of the Accelerator Club as your digital home for business success. It is our goal to support you, encourage you, and guide your on your journey.

What Is Founding member PricinG

Founding member pricing is our initial kick-off pricing for all of our founding members. You will want to get in on this pricing level, as the cost to join The Accelerator Club will increase on November 1, 2022 or after we reach 250 members, whichever comes first.

Founding member pricing goes away in

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Why Join a Community

Well, technically, you’re already a member of many communities. From the city you live in, to the church you belong to, to the hobbies you have, you are probably a part of many communities.

Communities are defined as “a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common”. They are built to stimulate “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals”

Joining a community is the way you can integrate yourself into a group of people who will stimulate and embrace you and the shared experiences you have. Communities are places where you can get support, a shoulder to cry on, a good laugh, and encouragement to move forward when times get rough.

Being a member of a community can be the difference between failure and success.

Why Join this community

The Accelerator Club community was created specifically for you, with your needs, wants and goals in mind. We built this community from the ground up, taking into consideration all the lessons we’ve learned over the last 30+ years in business. 

Our sole purpose is to provide you with all the support you need to be successful in your business. Need help finding leads? We have you covered. Want to learn how to turn prospects into paying clients? We can help you with that. Looking to get better at working with difficult customers? We’ve got your back.

Don’t see your specific challenges in the community? No problem! Let us know and we’ll do the research for you, because that’s what community members do for each other. Like we said, we’re here to support you. Your success is our success. So anything we can do to help you get there, that’s what we’ll do!

Member Benefits


You can't run a business in a vacuum. Network with other business owners like you and build life-long relationships.


Find the answers to your most daunting questions and even answers you didn't know you needed.


You're never alone as a member of The Accelerator Cllub, we are all here to support you through everything.


The Accelerator Club was designed to offer you ease of access to everything you need to run your business.


You can't remain stagnant and run a successful business. You must always be learning and growing.


Gain access to learning opportunities that will help you level up your skillset and expand your abilities.

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What's Included

  • Brainstorming Fridays

    Club-wide conversations around your most pressing "how do I" questions. Use the live chat feature to ask us anything, let's brainstorm!

  • Live and Recorded Lunch & Learns

    Every month you'll have the opportunity to join us for a 1-hour lunch & learn where we'll learn about all things business.

  • Weekly Articles

    Learn all about online marketing, digital strategy, running a business, digital analytics, customer service and so much more!

  • Monthly Challenges

    Each month we're going to run a new challenge that's meant to help you move closer to your business goals.

  • Courses (Coming Soon)

    Want to learn more on topics such as lead generation, social media, or using Facebook groups as a marketing tactic?

  • Private Member Only Podcast

    That's right, we created a weekly podcast just for our members. Gain access to even more information and inspiration -- weekly!

Who Should Become a Member

The Accelerator Club is a unique community of women thought leaders changing the world and moving their businesses forward. If you’ve scrolled this far, you’re probably a great fit for The Accelerator Club. But check out the following criteria, just to be certain.

You're Ambitious

Our members are ambitious. They believe there's life on the other side and they work hard to get there. There's no stopping them.

You're a SME

Our members are thought leaders or subject matter experts (SMEs) in their industries. They have the ability to share unique experiences about their journeys.

You're Committed

Our members are committed. They understand the assignment. While the work may be tough and things may not always work out, they stay the course.

You're Coachable

Yes, our members are thought leaders in their industries, but they also know and understand they are not all knowing. They are coachable and always ready to learn.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, while we focus our efforts on addressing the unique needs of women business owners, men and non-binary business owners are more than welcome to join The Accelerator Club and add their experiences to the mix.

We focus on the needs of those business owners who have been in business for one year or more. We are dedicated to this demographic because often times, these individuals understand their target market and have a clear view of where they want to go with their business. Those who are most successful in this club are those who have a clear understanding of where they are and where they want to be.

Yes, it doesn't matter if you've been in business for one year or 10. The materials we provide are geared toward those business owners who know where they are and where they want to be, but need the extra help bridging that gap. So, if you've been in business for several years, this club is perfect for you.

While you have a lot of choices when it comes to business communities you could join, The Accelerator Club blows all of them out of the water.

We have taken a combined 30+ years of experience and built content that will assist our members with building the business of their dreams. We focus on identifying and teaching the "best practices" for various areas of business management.

But yet and still, everything won't work for everyone, so we work with our members to identify those tactics that will work for their businesses, their subject matters, and their clientele. 

We are dedicated to the success of our members. We don't shy away from sharing everything we know with them. And if there is something we don't know, we will do the research to find the answer.

We provide a plethora of value to our members in the form of in-person and virtual support. It's time for you to invest in your business and The Accelerator Club is the best place to make that investment.

Yes, but each of you must register for a separate membership. The Accelerator Club is based on individual connections and community. It is imperative that each member invests in the other members as much as they invest in themselves. And we want each member of your team to get all the value out of this experience.

If you are not coachable, don't like to share your experience and knowledge, and don't do well in communities, you probably won't be successful in The Accelerator Club.

You will immediately receive access to the clubhouse, which contains all the information we've developed. You'll also have access to the calendar and the ability to RSVP for all of our upcoming events.

Absolutely! We accept members from all over the globe. We are headquartered on the east coast of the U.S., so all of our virtual events are based in the EST (Eastern Standard Time) time zone, but don't worry because we record everything.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the information we provide we do not offer refunds under any circumstance. However, we do offer a 7-day free trial, so feel free to sign-up and take a look around.

If you still have questions about The Accelerator Club, contact us as

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