Ignite Mastermind

You've Been...

looking for a way to increase reach, influence, and sales/leads. You’re burned out search engine optimization and your budget is burned out on paid advertising. So what can you do to achieve your goals?

Why don’t you insert thought leadership into the fold? Thought leadership is a way to spread your message across the globe. It is a marketing tactic that seems to be overlooked by many of the gurus.

This mastermind will support you as you become an influential thought leader in your industry. Scroll below to see how amazing this mastermind is going to be.

Mastermind Benefits

Gain a clear path to becoming a thought leader in your industry.

Identify areas of opportunity to increase sales/leads.

Learn how to break the chains fear has placed on you and your business.

Crush limiting beliefs that hinder your growth and shine.

Learn to develop content that sets you apart from your competitors.

Learn to measure the effectiveness of everything you do.

Why You Need a Mastermind

Mastermind groups provide you with customized, honest, feedback on your ideas. Gain new insights on your company and find new ways of doing business. Engagement in a mastermind group can help you grow your business through collaboration and synergy with your peers.

Through a mastermind group you can supercharge your energy and develop winning habits. But a mastermind group is not just about what you can get out of it, it’s also about what you put into it.  Mastermind groups give you an opportunity to spread your own great ideas to help other companies succeed, and that’s always a good thing.

Why You Need THIS Mastermind

So, what will this mastermind do for you and your business? The Ignite Mastermind by Level360 Insights is a thought leadership group, helping business owners, consultants, course creators and other entrepreneurs become a sought after thought leader in their industry. 

In this mastermind you will gain the confidence you need to truly get out there and take on the world. After completing this mastermind, you will be equipped to develop and deliver your best ideas to a broad audience. People will begin to view you as the expert, following your every word. What would this level of following do for you and your business?

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Session topics

Session 1

  • Developing your pitch
  • Clarifying areas of expertise
  • Establishing credibility
  • Setting a clear point of view

Session 2

  • Creating quality content
  • Providing value
  • Being consistent
  • Answering unanswered questions

Session 3

  • Taking the show on the road
  • Doing it afraid
  • Putting yourself out there
  •  Speaking to the camera

Session 4

  • Measuring what matters
  • Setting KPIs
  • Setting OKRs
  • Setting Targets

Session 5

  • Becoming a sponge
  • Dropping self promotion
  • Practicing self-reflection
  • Curing self-imposed limitations

Session 6

  • Surrounding yourself with a great team
  • Exuding an executive presence
  • Dealing with opposite opinions

What's Included

Bi-Weekly Group Zoom sessions

Monthly 1:1 Mentoring sessions


Access to the community portal

Thought leadership Resources


this mastermind is for...

This mastermind is for any entrepreneur who is interested in becoming a thought leader in the industry to increase reach, influence, and sales/leads. The best candidates for this mastermind are those who are…


Are you the type of person who is not easily dispelled? 

ready for growth

Are you ready to expand, increase, and grow your business?

in search of more

Have you been on the hunt for more ways of getting your message to the masses?

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By the end of this mastermind you will...

Join the Tribe

Be an active member of one of the best tribes out there. Your tribe will keep you motivated and accountable for years to come.


Learn the ins and outs of positioning yourself as a thought leader in your industry and in turn meet the goals you've set for your business.

action plan

Develop a detailed action plan to help you increase reach, influence, and sales/leads through thought leadership.

Limiting Beliefs

Overcome the limiting beliefs that have plagued you and your business for many years, stopping you from being able to grow your business.


Amplify your vision and see what is possible once you're able to command the attention of all those in your industry.

Support System

Implement life-long habits and a support system to help you continue building your confidence and your success.

Frequently asked questions

Each mastermind cohort lasts 90 days or 3 months. During that time we will review many topics during each session. Take a look at the topics covered each session.

The investment for the Ignite Mastermind Group is $7,000. The total amount is due upon registration, as we do not have a payment plan.

Due to the nature of this service, we do not offer refunds.

The next mastermind cohort will be help in August, 2022. Join the waiting list to receive notice when registration opens.

All of our mastermind cohorts are virtual. We will use Zoom during our bi-weekly sessions and monthly mentoring sessions.

Do You Have More Questions About This Mastermind?

Email me at contact@level360insights.com