Integrate Video Into Your Web Strategy

.So you’re looking for ways to integrate video into your web strategy? Video is becoming the most powerful business tool in our modern world. From the dominance of social media platforms like YouTube to digital advertisements displayed in Times Square, everyone wants a slice of the video market. Like they say, video is the content king. To integrate video into your web strategy successfully, you must create meaningful, catchy, and informative video content.

When a user presses play on a video, you have only a few seconds to grab their attention and keep them watching until the very end, known as critical video real estate. For website owners or social media gurus who are unfamiliar with how to integrate video into their content without causing themselves a headache, here are five ways to easily capture your audience with a digital, video web strategy.

1. Explainer Video

An explainer video is meant to be relatively simple and short. It should explain what your business is all about, which is different from a welcome video. It’s slightly less personal. It’s meant to focus on providing information about your brand values, mission, products, and what you do. These explainer videos are recommended to be about two-minutes long (max). They should contain attention-grabbing graphics, animations, or effects that help explain what you are talking about.

2. Welcome Video

A welcome video is not always seen as necessary by some businesses and brands. But rest assured the businesses who do integrate a sweet welcome video into their web strategy will capture their audience and form a better brand relationship with them. These videos are not meant to explain anything (see Explainer Video above) but rather to connect.

Here is a pro tip for those who might be struggling to write a script for their welcome video. Remember you are talking to people who care about your business; talk to them like you would talk to a friend who just happens to be a potential customer. Try not to sound dry or robotic. It’s always easier to speak with authenticity.

3. Product How-To Video

If your company is in the business of product selling, a how-to video should be at the top of your to-do list. Creating a product and putting it out there on the market is fantastic; until a customer buys it and has no idea how it works or how to use it. At this point their frustration causes repeat-sales to suffer.

Remember to be concise and as descriptive as possible when creating your product how-to video. Show the product, talk about each component of the product, and explain step-by-step the purpose and function of the product. Try throwing in some of your outstanding brand personality in this video since the content leans toward the dry side.

4. Testimonial Video

One of the top ways to integrate video into your web strategy is through testimonial videos. This is especially the case, if you sell a product or service. Positive testimonials provide brand authority as well as reassurance to potential customers that your product or service is legitimate. In a business world run by reviews, testimonials are a highly effective marketing tool to increase conversion rates. Use this video strategy to highlight previous customer’s success and showcase why you are better than the competition.

5. Live Video

The final way to integrate video into your web strategy is live video. Since the integration of live video in social media, marketing strategists have seen this method of interaction skyrocket in popularity. How easy is it to just “go live” for your followers and make quick announcements or host contests? Very. The simplicity of live video is what makes it so popular. Along with the ability for fans to connect with their favorite influencer or brand in a virtual, real-time setting. Live video lets your audience members know you’re a real person wanting connect and engage.

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