7 Amazing Ways to Boost Mailing List Sign-Ups

Most marketers are always seeking ways to boost mailing list sign-ups. If you are an internet marketer, you already know the importance of a mailing list. While this comes with a lot of benefits, none beats the fact that it can significantly help you turn your efforts into profits.

However, building a mailing list does not come easy. One of the most challenging parts of building a mailing list is gaining new sign-ups. This article will discuss proven tips to boost mailing list sign-ups.

1. Provide valuable content.

‘Content is king,’ even in email marketing. You stand better chances of landing new subscribers on your mailing list if you publish excellent content. Plus, your content must be great for all other efforts to be productive. No potential subscriber will be convinced enough to join a mailing list if they are not guaranteed of great content in their inbox. So, offer great content before any other effort to boost mailing list sign-ups.

2. Provide a dedicated sign-up page.

Even when your potential subscriber is convinced of your great content, they still need a little nudge or push to get them complete the signing up process. This is where the need for a dedicated sign-up page comes in.

Such pages must contain a succinct explanation of why anyone should join your mailing list. Likewise, your sign-up page must be available on your website menu – both mobile and desktop versions. If you are not sure of where to put it – run some A/B tests to find out.

3. Avoid demanding too much information.

Potential subscribers are easily discouraged if the sign-up process is taking longer than necessary. You can make your sign-up process simple and straight to the point by requesting minimum information. People get tired the moment they have to type in their personal information in the sign-up form.

So, make the process easy and exciting for them by requesting only the most essential information. Most times, this is just their email address and their first name (for effective personalization).

4. Pop-Ups and/or scroll boxes works excellently.

Have you thought about a mailing list form that comes up right before the eyes of your website visitors? This will save them the stress of looking around for your sign-up link, thus increasing your chances of landing them on your mailing list. The best places to put these pop-ups are high-traffic and high-exit pages. Use A/B testing to determine the best colors, copy, messaging, or creative design for the purpose.

Scroll boxes work similarly to pop-ups, although the former is less obtrusive. While it is not ideal to use both, a few experiments can help you to see which is better off as your lead magnet.

5. Maximize your social network.

Your social network is powerful and can come handy in boosting your email list. This is how. People, including your potential subscribers, spend more time on their social media networks. This means that you know where to find them – an advantage. All you have to do is to create strategic LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter campaigns hinged on certain incentives. The only condition to get those incentives should be joining your mailing list. Incentives like a valuable eBook or an exciting course will work perfectly as bait.

Also, integrate a call-to-action button on your Facebook page and as a closing remark on your YouTube videos. Add the link to your email sign-up page to your Twitter and Instagram bio. All these will complement your efforts to boost mailing list sign-ups.

6. Empower potential subscribers.

People are always eager to be part of a system that does not take away their freedom. Keeping up with emails can be difficult. Therefore, you must convince potential subscribers that they are the ones who make the rules.

Most times, online marketers offer two options to subscribers – subscribe or unsubscribe. How about integrating light options in-between? These include light subscription plans, the option to set the frequency of receipt, when to receive emails, and when not to.

This flexibility encourages potential subscribers to join a mailing list. After all, they are not bounded by any rules or restrictions.

7. Optimize your landing pages.

A lot of reasons may bring potential subscribers to your landing page. Bringing them around is easy, but convincing them to take that step of opting-in is tricky. This is why your landing page must align with your in-design and content. For example, if you have lured your visitors to the landing page by promising them a valuable video, they must at least get a preview of such a video on your landing page.

You can consider this as building trust. It shows that you can be trusted to deliver on your promise. It is also advisable to create multiple landing pages with unique offers to increase your chances of converting leads.

Ready to boost mailing list sign-ups?

Adding new subscribers to your mailing list requires strategic and creative efforts. If you are ready to boost mailing list sign-ups, the tips discussed in this article will definitely bring you the desired results.

Good luck.

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