Automation is a Must-Have

Marketing automation is no longer something just large companies can afford. Many of the smaller email marketing platforms on the market today, include some form of marketing automation. Whether you’re using MailChimp, ConvertKit, Aweber, or any of the other top shelf email marketing software.

A well thought out, strategic, customer centric automation can not only save you a ton of time and energy, it can actually save you a lot of money. Being able to setup an automation and lead tags and scoring are great ways to move your customers and potential customers through your funnel.  In this blog post I’m going to talk about the different types of automation you can setup within your business.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is usually at the center of your marketing initiatives. When looking for an email platform, focus on those platforms that allow for the greatest level of automation. This could include:

  • Automatic Email Sequences where customers are entered into an automation based on an action they’ve taken. Once in this automation they could be tagged as something specific, scored as a lead, sent various emails and documents.
  • Product Sales where customers can make a purchase directly from a landing page you’ve setup. After the customer has purchased the product or service they are then automatically entered into an email sequence that sends them a series of emails, warming them up for another purchase.
  • Webinar Marketing where the email marketing tool also provides you the option to setup webinars inside your email marketing platform. This way when people sign up for your webinar, they are automatically entered into an email funnel that again warms them up to become a customer.

My two favorite email marketing platforms are ConvertKit (which I use currently) and GetResponse. Both of these platforms have a ton of functionality and are super easy to learn and use.

Editorial Calendar / Social Sharing

If you aren’t using an editorial calendar for content and social sharing, you’re doing it all wrong. Editorial calendars like CoSchedule can be setup to manage your blog posts and how these posts are announced. This saves you time by allowing you to schedule your content to go out at specific days and times followed by supportive social media posts. After implementing an editorial calendar, I find I’m saved 5 hours per week in social sharing alone!


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Jess Davis

Jess Davis

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