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Course Development

Course development includes:
Online Masterclass
$8,700per masterclass
  • Up to 12 units
  • Syllabus Development
  • PowerPoint Design
  • Video Transcription & Lite Editing
  • Workbook Creation
  • Course Setup on Teachable
  • 1 Lead Magnet
  • Email Funnel Process & Setup
  • Landing Page Design & SEO
  • Monthly Analytics Package

Syllabus Development

We will work together to develop a syllabus that outlines learning expectations for students and provides an ideal flow for learning.

PowerPoint Design

Our content development session will inform the creation of your PowerPoint presentations for your lesson videos.

Video Transcription

All video content will be transcribed into written text, for students to read, review and copy into their notes.

Workbook Creation

It’s important for a course to be interactive. An e-book or e-workbook will be created to give students a hands on experience.

Course Setup on Teachable

All units and subsequent lessons will be loaded into the Teachable platform. This will include the upload of videos and insertion of text transcriptions.

Lead Magnet

A lead magnet content piece will be created to help you spread the word about your course and gain leads.

Email Funnel Process & Setup

A tailored email funnel process will be developed and implemented on your preferred mailing list platform to encourage lead generation.

Landing Page Design & SEO

A custom landing page will be designed for your online course. Your page will also be optimized for search engines and integrated with your preferred mailing list platform.

Monthly Analytics

A monthly review of analytics reports and dashboards, offering tangible action items and analyzing the impact you’re making in your course.

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