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better product photos

5 Tips to Better Product Photos

Your product photos are what makes the difference between lots of sales and no sales at all. This post will discuss 5 ways you can produce better product photos for your online store and social media profiles.

Integrate Video Into Your Web Strategy

5 Great Ways to Integrate Video Into Your Web Strategy

Video is becoming the most powerful business tool in our modern world. From the dominance of social media platforms like YouTube to digital advertisements displayed high in Times Square, everyone wants a slice of the video market. Like they say, video is the content king. To integrate video into your web strategy successfully, you must create meaningful, catchy, and informative video content. When a user presses play on a video there are only a few…
boost mailing list sign-ups

7 Amazing Ways to Boost Mailing List Sign-Ups

If you are an internet marketer, you already know the importance of a mailing list. Most marketers are always seeking ways to boost mailing list sign-ups. While this comes with a lot of benefits, none beats the fact that it can significantly help you turn your efforts into profits. However, building a mailing list does not come easy. One of the most challenging parts of building a mailing list is gaining new sign-ups. This article…
myths and misconceptions about your website

13 Myths and Misconceptions About Your Website

You can find anything on the Internet, including fake and false information. Sometimes I wonder where these folks come up with some of these things. In this post we’re going to chat about 13 myths and misconceptions about your website. Let’s get down to the truth of it all. 13 Myths and Misconceptions About Your Website I can have a beautiful, fully-functioning website for under $1,000 This is a misconception. We’ve had the price discussion…