My Story

Hi! I’m J. Marie Davis. I’m a web developer, digital analytics consultant and digital strategist. I work with and support companies, municipalities, library systems, and school systems across the nation, helping them grow through digital initiatives. Whether you want to grow your sales or improve your user experience, I can help you set your objectivesimplement a digital growth strategy, and optimize your digital systems.

I started my career in website design way back in 2001. And throughout my career, I’ve worked in almost every capacity of the industry. From social media to analytics, I’ve done it all.

I currently reside in Durham, North Carolina. I am a foodie at heart and in my spare time I enjoy finding new places to eat and trying new cuisines. I also enjoy reading and visiting the beach. My favorite beach is Myrtle Beach, which has some great seafood. It’s nice living in Durham and being so close to the Carolina beaches.

My favorite time of year is the fall, when the air gets crisp and pumpkin spice lattes are in season. On weekends I find myself in the mountains of North Carolina, enjoying the beautiful fall colors and amazing views. If you’ve never been to the Blue Ridge mountains, you must go. It is a beautiful sight to see.

Meet J. Davis Owner of Level360 Insights


Developing a digital growth strategy is one of the best ways to increase sales, improve user experience, and boost user engagement. A digital growth strategy is created by focusing on three main areas: your systems, your audience and your message. Without the right systems linking the right audience to the right message, you run the risk of stunting your company’s growth.

Systems are defined as anything you use to deliver your message, product, service, or otherwise manage your business. Your systems should work seamlessly together to improve the operation of your business.

You must have a defined audience to whom you are directing your message. Knowing exactly who you’re selling to, will improve the likelihood of your message resonating and a sale taking place.

Lastly, you must focus on your message. Be clear on your offer and what you provide to your clients or customers. When compiling your message, concentrate on the results you can get for your clients or customers, over the benefits of your product or service. Expound upon their future state and how that future state is better than their current state.

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