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STREAM Framework

Level360 Insights uses the STREAM Framework. Developed by J. Davis, this digital transformation framework was developed to organize and streamline the transformation process. Each step in the process is connected to the overall digital strategy, and continuously focuses on positive results.


Your process should rest upon your strategy. Your strategy is a growing entity that ebbs and flows with your company’s size and needs.


You must be tactical and methodic when approaching change. Simply running into a change without a strategic plan could spell disaster.


All strategies won’t work for all companies. You must be realistic when building your digital strategy. It should be unique to your business.


Before implementing any strategy company-wide, it must be tested. Prove a strategy will work on a small scale and expand it from there.


A good strategy has interlocked, specific actions that moves the company closer to its goals. Focus on calculated steps.


You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Each step of the process must be measurable. You should keep a finger no the pulse of your strategy.