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About level360 Insights

I help libraries evaluate their digital maturity, craft digital strategies and cultivate an innovative culture, to build sustainable growth. With over 20 years experience in the digital industry, I can bring tangible value to your organization.

The era of the standalone, one-off digital project is over. Today’s landscape requires organizations to design, build and scale truly transformative digital experiences. The process begins by evaluating your digital maturity, and then revealing where you have gaps, where you’re at par, and where you are most strong.

Accelerated and common disruptions in digital technologies and the library sector have transformed patron expectations. Patrons now require intelligent experiences that are intuitive, flexible, consistent and personalized. A failure to meet these needs can have a profoundly adverse effect on an organization.

put digital at the core of your library

Digital commands continuous disruption in the way you think, the way you work, and the way you engage with your patrons. I inspire my clients to nurture new ventures, using approaches that break free from “business as usual”.


The creative process used to identify pain points and source solutions.


The process of establishing strategies and tactics used to alleviate pain points.


The process of executing the plan that was developed to alleviate the identified pain points.


The process of measuring project outcomes, making adjustments and celebrating your wins.

what is level360 Insights?

Our mission

To guide libraries as they expand their reach in the community past the confines of their physical structures.

our vision

To expand access to knowledge for all global citizens.

Our Values

I value innovation in my thinking, leadership in my industry and accountability to my clients.

our clients

I work primarily with public library systems located in the United States.

selecting a plugin for your website

Jessica is a fantastic project manager and a dedicated agent for change. I've seen her in action and few people grasp the core concepts and ideas surrounding user experience the way she does. In addition, she is a clear, thoughtful communicator who knows how to get important messages across to all stakeholders and interested parties without making people feel like they don't understand. In other words, she can strategize and implement technology at the highest levels while making it easy for front line or non-tech staff to understand. Jessica is an amazingly talented person whose skills and knowledge can elevate an entire organization.

Jason Hyatt, Director at York County Library

digital customer experience

I help my clients craft digital customer experience strategies, implement them and continuously optimize them for long-term success. Whether you’re providing patrons with a unified offline and online experience, expanding into new geographies or incubating a new service, I offer solutions aligned to your growth strategy.

Embed Change

I help you build a culture that makes digital an integral part of your organization.

accelerate impact

I challenge assumptions and solve problems from the ground up.

sustainable growth

I infuse digital as an enabler to supercharge your library’s strategy

strategic advantages of a digital strategy


Understand the limiting beliefs of your employees and create a culture that fosters a digital mindset.


Implement digital strategies that bring more awareness to your library's services.


Keep your eyes forward and invent a future that makes you relevant, resilient, and sustainable.


Acknowledge the impact you have on your community and accelerate and broaden this impact.


Digital services should work with existing services to offer a seamless, enhanced customer experience.


Benchmarking your current and future state, set your library up to be an innovator in your industry

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