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Online Course Development

Level360 Insights is an online course development firm. We create online courses for businesses of all sizes. Creating an online course can be a very involved process, especially if you want to create a high quality course. Trying to build your course on your own, can be daunting and take more time than you want.

Let Level360 Insights help you build out a quality, masterclass that will fill a need in your industry. Online courses can extremely profitable if done correctly, and priced properly. We have a proven framework for building the type of masterclass that entertains and educates your students, while bringing you the profit and social proof you need to sell even more.

PENCIL Framework

Level360 Insights uses the PENCIL Framework. Developed by J. Davis, this course creation framework was developed to organize and streamline the course development process. Each step in the process is connected to the overall objectives, and continuously focuses on positive results.

Level360 Insights Online Course Development PENCIL Framework


Your process should rest upon your objectives. Your objectives are the foundation upon which your course will be built.


No one likes a boring course. You must be entertaining when approaching course development. Simply throwing text on a slide will not turn a profit.


To be successful you must build courses that meet a need. All courses don’t work in the online space. Be realistic, your course should be unique to you.


You must show your competency in a subject and be able to translate that into a course that then helps your student be equally as competent.


You can’t just stop at entertaining the student, you must also inform them, teach them, mold their minds and give them value.


A successful course comes from the love you show for your subject matter. Your passion for the subject should be felt and seen within every lesson.


Develop a course students will

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