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Level360 Insights is a WordPress development firm. We create online experiences for food entrepreneurs of all sizes. Creating an online experience can be a very involved process, especially if you want to create a high quality website. Trying to build your website on your own, can be daunting and take more time than you want.

Let Level360 Insights help you build out an engaging web experience for your customers. Aesthetically pleasing websites can make all the difference between one sale and no sales. I have a proven framework for building the type of web experience that entertains and educates your customers, while bringing you the profit and social proof you need to sell even more.

BELLOW Framework

Level360 Insights uses the BELLOW Framework. Developed by J. Davis, this website design framework was developed to organize and streamline the web development process. Each step in the process is connected to the overall objectives, and continuously focuses on positive results.


The aesthetics of a website influences credibility and perception of your brand. Your website should be beautiful and exude confidence.


The main goal of any web experience is to encourage a purchase. Your product photographs should entice website visitors to want to click and buy.


Maintaining consistency across your website highlights your brand and continues to influence credibility and perception.


Search engines reward websites that are fast to load and don’t take up a lot of space on the Internet. Keeping a light website is key.


The least expensive way to advertise your products is through search engines. It’s free to have Google add your website to its search engine, but your pages must be properly optimized.


Your website is a virtual storefront window. Take care to sweep in front of the door and keep the window clean and people will always walk right in.


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